• Image of PREGNANCY AND POST NATAL cooking class

1 hour 45 minutes.

A nutritious cooking class to help mums to be, feel good about the food that they eat during pregnancy.

We all want to ensure that we eat healthy during and after pregnancy, but we are aware of the foods that we should avoid and the foods that we need to eat more of. Our bodies are put through so much during this precious time and we are more cautious than ever about the food we eat.

Being a mother of two, and coming from an Indian heritage I've been able to work with delicious and nutritious recipes that are great for you and baby. The recipes are also great for the family, so you can create these every day meals using simple and easy methods.

Within this class, you will have the opportunity to take the food home, which you have cooked.

Learn how to make:

Turmeric Chai latte

Energy booster | Energy slice made with dates, coconut, and almonds. Great source of Vitamin E and to Boost your folate and fibre.

Iron rich foods | Dill masala with chicken or aubergine. Boosting your iron levels, protein and fibre.

Lentil daal with millet flour chappati

Something sweet but healthy | Chia and rose hazelnut milk pot. Great for boosting your energy, providing you with Vitamin B12.

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